Smart Home Quantum Lamp APP Voice Control 1600W Hue Light Tone Shake

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Model: Quantum lamp
Power: 5
Color classification: base + controller + 3 lights
Luminous color: colorful
Suitable for: indoor

Whether intelligent control: YesOne controller of the quantum lamp supports a maximum of 9 pieces of light block maximum brightness, and more than 9 pieces need to add a controller or a power supply line.
Controller and power supply line difference
Controller: The transmitter controller signal allows the lamp block that communicates with the connector to accept the color change control command and the sound command to synchronize the color change. At the same time, it can provide 9 lamps with the most sufficient power supply controller. Please use the full power 5v2 security adapter to stabilize the work.
Power supply line: The maximum power supply is 9 lights. Please use the foot power 5v2 amp adapter
Controller and power supply line usage scenarios
Controller: multi-group light block regionalization color control control
Power supply line: requires large area color and sound control synchronization control effect.
 The role of connectors and fixtures
Model 2 head 5 hole female head, one link upper level lamp block double row 5 hole mouth and the other head link lower level lamp block single row 5 hole mouth. The main function is to transmit the control signal, the same light block can not be fixed by the connector extended by the two controllers, otherwise it will cause data disorder.
Function 1: Reinforcement between the light blocks,
Function 2: It is used for the conduction of electric energy between the lamp blocks, and the electric quantity of each lamp block can be averaged, so that the color uniformly reduces the probability of chromatic aberration.

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