Portable Three-layer Cervical Traction Device For Home Use

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100% brand new and high quality 
Lightweight and easy to use 
Comfortable and non-threatening 
Adjustable universal size for most men and women 
Application: People who spend a long time on computers, cars 
Color: The color is as shown in the pictures 

Specification: Free size

NOTES: This comfortable and easy-to-use neck cervical traction device elongates neck muscles, often resulting in rapid and prolonged relief from soreness and irritation. Slowly increase pressure in order to enhance the effect of traction Inflation should be gradual and not excessive 
When using the airbags, avoid contact with hard objects.

Don't let the product close to high-temperature heat 

Package Content:

1*Cervical traction device


1. Wear the portable according to the correct method. The beginner can wear it in the mirror first, adjust the size of the neck circumference, fix the front, upper and middle two Velcro buckles to suit people with different neck circumferences (see picture).

2. Please tighten the deflation nut before inflating the inflatable ball.

3. Inflate with an inflatable ball until the patient feels that the strength is appropriate and the symptoms are alleviated.

4. At least 2-3 times a day, at least 30 minutes each time.

5. After use, loosen the deflation nut and deflate slowly.

Use note:

1. Please tighten the nut before inflating. Pay special attention to pressing the rubber gasket against the vent hole. Do not turn the gasket upside down. After charging, move the control valve on the long tube upward slightly to prevent slow deflation.

2. When deflating, push the control valve back and loosen the inflatable handball nut.

3. When not in use for a long time, do not let the air in the liner clean, and keep it in a cool place for better maintenance of the latex liner.

4. After traction, you should get up and take a rest after working at the desk for half an hour. The pillow should be suitable for sleeping.

Storage, transportation method and use period

This product should be placed in a cool, clean and dry place. During transportation, it should be protected from sun, rain, snow, and high temperature. It should not be mixed with harmful, toxic or corrosive items.


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