Pen barrel musical instrument

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Material: Terracotta mud
Number of holes: 10 holes
Mode: F, G
Inner wall structure: double cavity, treble is easy to blow
Applicable fingering: default left fingering
Sound range: full press for bass 5, bass 5 to treble 2 (without overtones and overtones) full press for midrange 1, midrange 1 to treble 5 (without overtones and overtones)
The difference between F and G:
F and G are played in the same way as fingering. The difference is that the F is slightly larger, the G is slightly smaller, and the volume is deeper, so the F tone is deeper, longer, and the G is slightly brighter. It is recommended that friends choose according to their needs.

  F key: about 6 cm wide and 14.6 cm high (measurement may vary slightly, please refer to the actual product)

G key: 5.4 cm wide and 13.6 cm high

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